MH+ RLVC update!! v0.20

Dear customer

"MH+ RLVC" information of product update.

please send your "MH+ RLVC" to Mayumi Hirano.
exchanges to new version v0.20 free of charge.

0.20 : 2009-07-18
- fix : (case of almost) re-login currently RLV-setting is not set again.(thanks reporting to me)
- mod : [SIT/MOVE] menu is include "fly (allow/deny)" function. ([MISC] --> [SIT/MOVE])
- add : add support "Allow/prevent seeing all the hovertexts" (RLV 1.19)
- add : add support "Allow/prevent seeing the hovertexts on the HUD of the user" (RLV 1.19)
- add : add support "Allow/prevent seeing the hovertexts in-world" (RLV 1.19)

0.19 : 2009-06-30
- mod : all RLV-restrictions after login keeps currently setting again.
- mod : Force sit target, range of detection to object is change. (8m -->10m)
- mod : inventory subfolder prefix set to dafault ">"
- add : Direct teleport via chat lines control (TP/LM menus)
- add : add support "Redirect public chat to private channels" (RLV 1.16.x)
- add : add support "Allow/prevent using any chat channel but certain channels"
- add : add support "Allow/prevent sitting down" (RLV 1.16.2)
- add : add support "Force rotate the avatar to a set direction" (RLV 1.17)
- add : avator moving function

0.18 : 2009-01-04
- mod : all script MONO compile.(except HUD)
- add : add support "Remove/add auto-accept teleport offers from a particular avatar (RLV 1.15.x)
- add : add support "Get the list of all the restrictions the avatar is currently submitted (RLV 1.15.x)
(However, information on "detach" is non-display.)
- add : add support "Allow/prevent shouting (RLV 1.15.x)
- add : add support "Allow/prevent chatting at normal volume (RLV 1.15.x)
- add : add support "Allow/prevent whispering (RLV 1.15.x)
- mod : RLV command time out 10(sec) --> 15(sec)
- add : add support "Allow/prevent changing the environment settings (RLV 1.14.x)
- add : add support "Force change an environment setting (RLV 1.15.x)
(currently daytime set only)
- add : "keep ENV" function. after login keeps currently environment again.

0.16 :
- add : inventory subfolder access.(if use subfolder, require RLV v1.13.x or higher)

0.15 :
- MH+ RLVC 1st release.

"MH+ RLVC"をご購入頂いた方へ。
製品の本体Object("MH+RLVC (right eyeball)")を Mayumi Hiranoまで送って頂ければ


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