MH+ Tool HUD is OUT!

MH+ Tool HUD
 with RadarChat Listener Readme

Requirements: Emerald Viewer(
           or Cool SL Viewer( R12)
           or Cool Viewer( R10a)
           or above for general use.

Features include:
*RadarChat Listener - using for Emerald/Cool SL Viewer RadarChat to HUD announce,
                      Shows nearby avator with distance(unlimited distance)
                      very low-lag(sensor is non-use)

*Teleport History - Automatically remembers your last 30 teleports.

*Collision Detecter - Notification each collision(with names)

*Flight Assist - Allows you to fly to ANY height!
                 (come from flight feather1.1. of course, script modify allow)

*Object Rezzer - Rez a any object at your foot.(incl 10*10 platform, multi-posing stand)

*Emoter - dialog button select emotion.

*Animation Control - Only the stop of all animation.

*Partner Hugger - built in couple animation (Kiss / Hug / FootKiss / SubHug / Subpet)
                 (come from dari's big junks :D)

*Plugin Menu - Create and distribute your own plugins.

*Auto Update - Automatically updater contains.(see a how to update secion)

Quick Start
    - Unpack the box to your inventory
    - Attach the Tool-Object to your HUD part (default bottom right).
    - You can attach the Tool-Object to any HUD part.(recommend bottom or bottom left/right)
    - Turn on your SL viewer Radar options 'RadarChat announce for HUD' check-box.

 [if you are men's avatar]
    - edit the Tool-Object
    - open '!Partner Anims' notecard
    - change to 'WEARERGENDER=' values 'WEARERGENDER=1'
    - save notecard, and Tool-Object Re-attach

    [Flight] : toggle Flight Assist enabled☑ / disabled☒

    [Radar] : toggle RadarChat listener enabled☑ / disabled☒

    [Collision] : toggle Collision detecter enabled☑ / disabled☒

    [Stop Anime] : remove all animation

    [Emote] : Show emoter sub-menu

    [Rez Object] :  Show Rez Object sub-menu

    [TP history] : list to last 30 teleports

    [TP history5] : list to recent 5 teleports

    [Add history] : add now location to historys

    [Partner] :  Show Partner sub-menu

    [PlugIN] :   Show plugin sub-menu

    [All_Reset] : reset to all scripts

 'animation name' : selects animation
 (BACK) : return to main menu

[Rez Object]
 'object-name' : selects rez object. All object that exists in inventory.
 (BACK) : return to main menu

  Rez a any object at your foot.
  built in objects :
     10*10 platform
     multi-posing stand

 'animation name' : selects animation
 (MAIN) : return to main menu

 After the animation is selected, target avatar selected.
 The distance to target avatar is 15m max.
  built in animations :
  (Kiss / Hug / FootKiss / SubHug / Subpet)

 '.script name' : selects plugin script name
 (BACK) : return to main menu

** Plug-in details depend on a plug-in each script. **

**status update cycle = 2 second.
**When the avatar name is described in '_alert_avator' notecard.
  The color to HUD in red when avatar exists in same SIM.

Automatically receive new updates.
every check attachd HUD.
if you want reduce the script even a little, please remove '-auto_update' script from inventory.
I will frequently not update it. it can know updated information with Blogs etc.

Please refer to 'PLUGIN_All AV List'. This is a sample script.

**In the name of the script, 'PLUGIN_' should be a head.
**(for example) name of the script = 'PLUGIN_Abcdef' then displayed in the dialog as '.Abcdef'
**put a script same prims.
**The plug-in up to 11 in the maximum.

script = MH+Tool_MENU
//Call Main MENU

script = MH+RadarChat_Listen_EM_CV
//Get current Avator List
return : (string) avator key list (comma value separate string)

[Reserved channel number]
link_message numbers : 1001,2001,3001,4001,4051,9801,598245

**A private link msg number must use the value of 10000 or more.

For inquiries please send a notecard to Mayumi Hirano.
(c)2009 MH+

If using "emerald viewer", go to the emerald menu (at the top) and turn on "Radar Chat".
Attach HUD item and go to a new sim, Radar of Emerald doesn't work if SIM doesn't change when starting and installing.
If using "Cool SL viewer", Radar doesn't work immediately after log in. It is necessary to open the window of radar only once.

3 件のコメント:

  1. とってもべんりだよ~~

  2. オマケ機能のHuggerに入ってるSubHUGとSubKissは単品だと、こーんな値段で売ってたりするんだよ。

  3. RadarChat機能目当ての人が多いと思うけれど、ほんとうの利用価値はこの汎用Huggerにあります。追記が可能なのでcouple向けのアニメであるならばポーズ玉なしでペアのアニメが再生出来ます。ペア用でなくともダンスアニメなどでも2人だけですが同時に再生が可能なので使い方は工夫次第です。
    また、このHuggerも各種機能と同様に独立しているので抜き取って単体で利用することも可能です。その場合は llMessageLinked(LINK_SET,3001,"",NULL_KEY)



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