Mk.15 : also known as "Phalanx"
       anti-ship missile defense system.
       it is a close in weapon system (CIWS)
       consisting of a radar-guided Gatling-gun
       mounted on a swivelling base.

       # this item is inspired by Phalanx CIWS. #

/// now include High-Detail model and no-script model !! ///

** Weapon Features **
-Designed for VICE v1.2.0 MFG Class Guns.
 (Field Fixed Gun, weapon module type:CMG/LMG)
-Realistic working CIWS.
 (full automatic operation)
-Custom sounds.
-Low prims.(many sculpt prims)
-six barrel rotates.
-can (everyone/group/owner) use limit
-Always keeps gun settings
-Auto Update

** Weapon Specification **
-Firemode : full-auto
-Firerate : (VICE default)
-Crew     : 1 (gunner is necessary in VICE system)
-Rounds   : unlimit
-Bullets  : VICE CMG Bullet or VICE LMG Bullet
-Effects  : muzzleflash, muzzlesmoke, barrel rotates
-Options  : none
-Control  : work on both dialogs menu and few Chat command
-Prims    : Normal model : 18 (13 + 5), High-Detail model : 58 (34 + 24 )

** Package List **
- 1x [VICE MFG] Mk15 CIWS  (-->rez a ground)
- 1x [VICE MFG] Mk15 CIWS (HD) (-->rez a ground)
- 1x [no script] Mk15 CIWS
- 1x [no script] Mk15 CIWS (HD)
- 1x Mk15 CIWS Notecard (This)

** Commands **
~~Chat commands work on channel 0.~~

[control command]
(main menu)
"VICE On/Off"       : toggle vice combat system on/off
"MISC."             : show (MISC. menu)
"System"            : show (System menu)
"CMG/LMG"           : toggle weapon type CMG/LMG
"Start/Stop"        : weapon safety
"Set Ch"            : refer to [VICE command]
"Reset Ch"          : refer to [VICE command]
"No Team"           : refer to [VICE command]
"Team1" to "Team4"  : refer to [VICE command]

(System menu)
"Auto join"      : when 'ON', automatic re-join(VICE C/S on) defeated after
"Range"          : selects sensor range. 20m to 96m
"type:AGENT"     : set to sensor type = AGENT
"type:ACTIVE"    : set to sensor type = ACTIVE
"type:BOTH"      : set to sensor type = AGENT + ACTIVE
"Effects"        : toggle effects on/off
"MultiTarget"    : when 'ON' , All detected targets are attacked. 
                   when 'OFF', The first one is intensively attacked from the detected target.
"CounterAttack"  : When the collision is detected, the owner of the object is counterattacked as a target.
"Aim adjust"     : adjust the arrival prediction time for bullet to the target. (recommend a default '0.00')
"Aim Offset"     : adjust the action prediction carried-in cloth point of the target which detected.(recommend a default '0,0,0>')
"BACK>>"         : return to main menu

(MISC. menu)
"SameGroup"    : when 'ON', object same group safety(non attack)
"Trust AV"     : set to avatar name, they are not attacked.
"Update."      : this product up to date check. (for Owner)
"Reset."       : main script and VICE reset. (for Owner)
"VICEreset"    : VICE script reset.
"Use Limit"    : limit a person of use object.(everyone, group, owner)
"Save ROT"     : value of current rotation again(if gunner stand up) (for Owner)
"Sensor INT"   : selects sensor scan interval (for Owner)
"DetectedPos"  : when 'ON' , the calculation of the distance uses llDetectedPos.
                 when 'OFF', the calculation of the distance uses the latest position again.(default)
"BACK>>"       : return to main menu

[VICE command]
"vice on"           : turn on vice combat system
"vice off"          : turn off vice combat system
"Set Ch"            : Select a combat channel
"Reset Ch"          : Reset  a combat channel
"No Team"           : Select a Team( Non team)
"Team1" to "Team4"  : Select a Team 1 to 4
death messageXXXXXX : set to death message to XXXXXXX

- Please move an upper unit when you change the position set up.

** Credits **
Build and Texture : Kurohige Steamer
Scripts : Mayumi Hirano


3 件のコメント:

  1. ん~すごいってことはわかるんだけど~

  2. まずこれはField Fixed Gun。つまり固定砲台なので移動したりする物ではないのです。だから購入対象となるのはVICEのCSを使ったバトル施設を保有している人。という極めて少数な人達が対象ですね。もっとも持ち込みで固定砲台の設置が許可されるなら他の人も使う場面があるかと思いますが、対象のコンバットシステムがVICEのみなので、よほどの物好きな方でないと、まずは欲しいと思わないでしょう Lol

  3. VICEを理解することも必要ですが、まずはCIWSというシステムとは何かを充分に知ることが重要です。そう、これは野戦砲ではなく自動で標的を撃破する防衛システムなのです。同じ耐久値を持つVICE航空機のAMAクラスでも、一度でも接近しようものなら撃墜する能力を備えています。稼動する実物はMopireというSIMに配備してあります


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